Model Submission Form

You do not need any previous experience or a portfolio of expensive professional headshots to apply. We're looking for the next great talent, no matter where in the country that takes us. Don't be shy. It's time to introduce yourself to USA Teen Models!

Use this opportunity to show us who you are and what you look like at your most natural. Grab a friend or parent and start snapping away! When in doubt, think passport photo over fashion shoot. We’re not looking for professional photos. What we really want to see is fresh, natural snapshots. Your submission should include a full-length photo, headshot, and profile (taken from the side view). These don't need to be professional photos. Shoot your photos outdoors in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. Remember, natural. No makeup, let your hair down, and relax. 

You must be between the ages of 10 years and 25 years. While this may sound exclusive, we are USA "Teen" Models. There are plenty of amazing management, showcase, and directory companies out there willing to work with all ages. Our clients find a greater need for models in this range.

We are based out of Southern California. This doesn't mean we have nothing for you! We are constantly expanding. Give us a reason to open shop in your area!